Thursday, October 20, 2016

Op-Ed Regarding The Importance of the Peaceful Transition of Power and why it is the reason American Democracy has worked for 240 years.

Op-Ed Regarding The Importance of the Peaceful Transition of Power and why it is the reason American Democracy has worked for 240 years.

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By:  J. Dean Grimes

It frightens me that presidential candidate Donald Trump incites mild violence at his rallies.  It frightens me that he is well known for being disrespectful to women, is pro repealing Rowe v. Wade, that he is a bully, and it frightens me that he is a misogynistic power hungry man who is only in the presidential race to please himself, not the American people.  However, I am absolutely petrified about the fact that on both September 30th, and then openly in the last presidential debate, Trump very plainly stated that he would contest the validity of the election results if he loses the election. 

Here’s why:
The peaceful transition of power from one president to the next is the foundation upon that which makes America’s democracy work.  Why?  Because American voters have the right to elections that are fair, that are peaceful, and that truly reflect the way that American democracy represents the people, for the people, and by the people.  We all know that the electoral college, and the supreme court have interfered in elections in our past [Bush / Gore], but despite whether we agreed as a nation about the outcome of controversial elections in our past, Americans have rallied around our new president because a peaceful transition of power has taken place. 

America is founded on the principle that all beings are created equal.  Creating divisiveness, openly stating that you will contest election results, asking supporters to incite mild or actual violence in protest of this principle will send our great nation into a time before the feudal system and the dark ages of kingships and autocratic rulers.  We all know what happened when Germany was thrown into chaos after World War I, and a new party called the Nazi party came into power, and a megalomaniac ruler that sent tens of thousands of people to death camps for no other reason than their ethnicity came into power. 

It is with the aforementioned thought in mind that I ask the American people this: 
Do we want to live in a new era of dictatorship led by a man who doesn’t believe in the core values of our constitution let alone understand them?  Further, if a man like this can come into such a powerful position of leadership, what does that say about America?  Are we falling into the same traps that ancient Rome fell into as they crumbled into oblivion?  Or are we going to stand up to the bullies and focus on our common belief that peace is in the best interest of everyone, that education brings purpose to all people, and that purpose creates prosperity not only for Americans, but people across the globe. 

It is with this in mind, as we move closer to election day, that I urge American’s to consider what and who they are really voting for, what the true outcome will be, and to consider that the foundations of our constitution are what truly make America great.  Additionally, I urge Americans to think about what separates the United States democratic system from any other governmental system in the world:  The peaceful transition of power from one president to another.  We must believe in our system.  We must unite.  We must believe in ourselves, believe in each other, and acknowledge that each American is afforded the right to voice their opinion ONLY because America is already great. 

In this election, it is essential that Americans come together and unite as one.  We must not only  believe that our democracy actually works because we have the guaranteed right to speak freely, elect our leaders freely, and allows for the opportuniy to shout with one loud voice!  Use your voice to stand up for your right to America’s brand of democracy – which allows for the peaceful transition of power, delivers a voice to all people, gives everyone an opportunity to prosper, and through the prosperity of these founding ideals, gives purpose to our domestic policies, and to our policies abroad.

This election your voice counts  because your voice will determine the outcome of our future as Americans more than any other time in our 240 year history. 

Get out and vote.  It counts.

I urge you to watch the entire third and final presidential debate here:

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