Monday, September 12, 2016

Critical issues regarding globalization

Issue Description:

Critical issues regarding globalization.

Critical aspects of globalization and its  implications to the International Community:

Globalization (the understanding that the world  is becoming economically intertwined on a global scale), is happening and it is an inevitable consequence of the fast paced interconnected world we currently live in. The critical macro issues surrounding globalization are political, economic and revolve around human rights, security, health/ environment and technology. On a micro level, these issues relate to population growth, food security, the development  and sustainability of natural  resources,  the spread of terrorism /ISIS/ISIL, the supersonic speed with which information and ideas can spread, and political alliances combined with nationalism.

What is being done to address impending globalization?
Currently the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), the World Health Organization (WHO), and several other GO’S and NGO’s are working to provide a clear pathway to achieve economic sustainability through globalization.
What should be done to address globalization, and by whom?

There is no clear road to a sustainable  globalized  economy,  however,  globalization is inevitable. To find the root of these issues, we must first examine the positives, the negatives and the overall consequences  of globalization. 

To do this, I have created the following  pro vs. Con outline:

International Marketplace, better access to products and services from customers across the globe.
Augments manufacturing  on a global scale.
Stable cash flow that slowly lessens the difference of dollars
Slowly a global power is made, politics are unifying,  and advantageous risk can increase the flow of cash, and information throughout  the world.
Creates a universal  understanding  an fellowship  due to the intermingling  of culture  and shared common interests.

People in developed countries  are losing their jobs due to job outsourcing  to other nations.
A shift in wealth from a current leading nation economically may transfer superiority to other nations.
Potentially  leads to social degeneration  and communicable illness.
Risk of one business  ruling the whole world, potentially  leading to the loss of the cultural identity of a nation.

The result is clearly favorable  to globalization.  Globalization,  therefore has two ultimate conclusions. It can harm, and it can benefit the world. Nevertheless, globalization  is inevitable. Globalization  will change the collective consciousness,  it will change the way the world connects through technology,  through education,  through shared common values that spread from nation to nation, and through  the global understanding  that one world is a lot better than NONE.


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